Direct Employer Healthcare

What if you had an option to bypass writing large checks to the doctor or insurance companies?  What if you had an option for healthcare that your employees and YOU can afford?

WorkCare Resources is now offering Employer Direct Healthcare.  We’re simplifying healthcare and making it affordable to all who would otherwise not be able to provide insurance in your small business and reduce healthcare utilization and expenses in larger businesses.

Direct Employer Healthcare gives your employee Primary and Urgent Care at a flat rate at an affordable cost.

  • Fewer complications of health insurance
  • Minimize out of pocket expenses for your employees
  • Reduced medical insurance premiums
  • Minimal wait time in clinic
  • On-site opportunities for Telehealth
  • Employer billed OR employee paid
  • Healthcare services created for small business where insurance options are not affordable


  • Up to 12 clinic visits a year for acute illness or injury
  • In-house laboratory testing at zero to minimal additional costs
  • X-ray for necessity at no additional costs
  • Maintenance and select medications at zero to minimal additional costs

In clinic visits and/or on-site Telehealth service so your employees will not have to leave work.

For Jackson service area contact Amy Dove at 731-664-4414

For Dyersburg service area contact Lana Orchard at 731-286-1400