Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace Program

While there’s a financial cost to workplace drug abuse; that cost multiplies when innocent co-workers, customers, and others fall victim to drug-impaired workers on the job.  WorkCare Resources is available to fully facilitate your company’s TN Drug-Free Workplace Program.

Besides, the required drug and alcohol testing our company will handle all the required setup and ensure your company stays in compliance with the state rules and regulations.  Let WorkCare Resources assist you in earning your 5% discount annually in your worker’s comp insurance policy.

Benefits for Utilizing WorkCare:

  • Compliant drug screening with next day negative results from SAMSHA approved laboratory
  • Certified breath alcohol testing
  • Production or revision to current substance abuse policy to ensure compliance
  • Regular review of program rules and policy updates
  • Education for employees/supervisors
  • Completion of certification application
  • Track expiration dates and schedule training annually along with applications
  • 24-hour service for post-accident/reasonable suspicion testing along with nursing care
  • On-site drug screening service
  • All drug screen collectors are trained DATIA certified meeting federal guidelines (49 CFR part 40)
  • Location compatible clinic for service outside our service area so that you will have ONE central clinic billing for your drug/alcohol testing and delivering of all your results.

More information from the State of TN provided here.