Treatment On-Site

We will help reduce costly emergency room visits for minor cuts, burns, sore muscles, and scrapes.  Our goal is to combine the best possible treatment with cost-containment.  Following an injury, WorkCare nurses will come to your facility bringing with them an extensive knowledge base to assess and treat any injured employee.  If the injury is a first aid we will try to keep it contained in-plant.  The nurse is responsible for gathering information about the accident, contacting the appropriate company representatives, administering a drug and alcohol screen, documenting all treatments and procedures, and releasing the employee back to the company.

WorkCare nurses cover the accident from start to finish noting equipment involved, appropriate witnesses, assessment of the injury, treatments provided, and an accurate account of the accident.  This information is compiled and prepared in an easy to read format and conveyed only to the appropriate individuals.

WorkCare offers a range of industrial and corporate services for personnel vetting and on-the-job nursing needs in Jackson, Dyersburg, West Tennessee and across the Mid-South. For more information about our services, contact us.

Follow Up

  • Minor injuries: WORKCARE will transport employees and assist with follow up appointments as warranted for care of injury
  • Major injuries: WORKCARE‘S Case Manager is available upon request for follow up of major injuries after the initial treatment